RVN GROUP SRL  Born as a company that provides logistics services to local lubricants distributors.

After the acquisition of the business branch of Resca Vincenzo srl, a vision of the distribution market of lubricating oils is completely new, direct and without intermediaries.

It engages in the marketing of known and lesser known brands of lubricating oils trying to offer the right answer to the customer, from the private to the company to the retailer.

Our commercial policy is to sell directly without agents.

We employ technical consultants who can support us in solving the problems related to lubrication, in fact creating a direct contact with companies and guaranteeing a significant reduction in prices.

This choice stems from our vision of the market gained in over 30 years of activity: the Internet allows companies to get in touch in real time with their suppliers, obtaining:

  •          -Product information
  •          -Application tips
  •          -Economic offers
  •          -Material and technical documentation

Through new and old ways of communication: Telephone, e-mail and Skype.

Minimizing visits and thus allowing customers to save time and money.


  •          Dealers, Wholesalers of lubricating oils in Italy and abroad
  •          Auto and motorbike shops, authorized and independent
  •          Industries looking for products not easily available on the Italian market
  •          Farms, Building Companies

Our daily commitment is to provide you  the right oil in the right moment and in the quantity needed.