Shell Rimula R3 Turbo 15W-40

Shell Rimula R3 Turbo 15W-40


Triple Action Resists: Wear, Deposits, Heat

Improved wear resistance

In industry-standard engine tests, Shell Rimula R3 Turbo has exceeded performance limits and demonstrated excellent wear protection in four critical areas: ring wear, liner wear, crosshead wear and cam follower wear. Shell Rimula R3 Turbo delivers improved wear protection when compared to previous generation oils, for example, API CG-4 and CF-4 oils.

Exceptional deposit control

Shell Rimula R3 Turbo helps to control the build up of deposits on pistons for continued engine efficiency providing excellent dirt and deposit control. In key engine deposit tests, Shell Rimula R3 Turbo clearly demonstrated lower levels of deposits than the minimum performance requirements for API CH-4.

Increased Heat Resistance

Hard-working engines generate a lot of heat. Shell Rimula R3 Turbo has been developed to resist breakdown by heat to ensure continued protection under heavy-duty service. The oil exceeds the requirements of key industry high-temperature oxidation tests by up to 58%,providing a rugged safety margin for all but the most severe operations.

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